Thursday, May 16, 2013

Questions to the US Tax Lawyer: What's Your Court Win Ratio?

While it is unethical to guarantee a win. We have won criminal tax cases. In 2013 we received a not guilty on one count of conspiracy to defraud the IRS and the Government dismissed with prejudice 2 counts of failure to file TD F 90-22.1 (“FBAR”) relating to accounts at UBS and Pictet. While these are wins – we also lost on 2 counts of filing a false return for the same client – the client is facing jail time so we do not consider this a win. In 2012 we received Not Guilty for all 8 counts of an indictment (4 counts tax evasion and 4 counts false statement on IRS forms). In 2011 we received two not guilty verdicts on 1 count failure to file and 1 count tax evasion. In 2007 we received a total of 64 not guilty verdicts for husband and wife (we represented the wife) defendants in an alleged offshore tax evasion scheme.

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